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你家无人机注册了吗 美拟加强对无人机监管

更新时间  2021-12-25 01:14 阅读
本文摘要:In the United States, drones have interfered with aircraft trying to put out wildfires. They have buzzed dangerously close to jets taking off at airports and have irritated fans at sports events by hovering over stadiums.在美国,无人机早已阻碍了用来救火山火


In the United States, drones have interfered with aircraft trying to put out wildfires. They have buzzed dangerously close to jets taking off at airports and have irritated fans at sports events by hovering over stadiums.在美国,无人机早已阻碍了用来救火山火的飞机。有时候嗡嗡轰鸣着,危险性地迫近机场上降落中的喷气机,还有的时候,它飞过在体育场海面,令其赛事观众们极为不悦。

Now federal regulators, hoping to discourage mischief and negligence among drone pilots, are proposing a new system to require owners to register their unmanned aircraft.现在联邦监管者明确提出正式成立一个新的系统,拒绝机主登记自己享有的无人机,以此遏止无人机飞行中当中的恶作剧与疏失现象。At an event in Washington on Monday, the transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx, said the department had formed a task force to come up with the details for the registration process. The task force will be composed of more than two dozen representatives from the drone and manned aviation industries, federal government and other groups.周一,在华盛顿的一次会议上,运输部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)说道,运输部早已正式成立专案组,制订这一注册程序的明确细节。该专案组由20多名成员构成,分别来自无人驾驶与有人驾驶员航空业、联邦政府与其他的组织。Mr. Foxx asked the group to deliver a report with its findings by Nov. 20, with the goal of putting them into place by December, an unusually speedy process for a new aviation rule with the potential to affect millions of drones. Mr. Foxx said the department was motivated to act fast because of growing reports of safety violations by drones, and because the devices are expected to be big sellers during the holiday season.福克斯拒绝这一小组在11月20日前提交一份报告,目的是于12月付诸实施,鉴于这项新的航空规定可能会影响到数以百万计的无人机,速度快得非同寻常。

福克斯说道,运输部想要作出快速反应,是因为部门收到的无人机影响安全性的报告更加多,而且一到假期,这种东西认同不会大买。“We feel the level of urgency here is sufficient for us to move as quickly as we possibly can,” he said.“我们实在这件事的紧迫性不足以让我们尽早采取行动,”他说道。

Some drone makers were concerned, though, by the lack of detail about how the system will work and the speed with which the task force has been ordered to work out those particulars. Many questions about the regulation are unsettled, including exactly which drones are considered so harmless that they should be exempt from the new rules. The department said the regulations would not apply to toys and other small drones that posed low safety risks.不过,有些无人机生产者回应担忧,因为这个系统如何运作,目前缺少细节,而且专案组被拒绝迅速制订出有涉及条文。关于这个规定,目前有很多问题都悬而未决,还包括什么样的无人机应该被指出几乎有害,可以回避在这些新的规定里。运输部说道,这些规定呼吸困难用作玩具无人机,以及其他较低安全性风险的小型无人机。

“Whether a national drone registration system is workable and serves the purposes articulated by the secretary will depend on the criteria used to determine which drones are included, and the burden that is imposed on the public,” Brendan Schulman, vice president for policy and legal affairs at DJI, a leading Chinese drone maker, wrote in an email. “DJI is a strong supporter of drone safety initiatives, but the deadline announced today is extremely ambitious and surprising considering that the rule-making process for civilian drones has been in progress for a decade.”“全国无人机注册系统否有效地,能无法超过部长所特别强调的目的,关键在于对包括在规定中的无人机定义标准,以及该系统对公众所导致的开销,”中国顶尖无人机生产商DJI公司负责管理政策与法律事务的副总裁布伦丹·舒尔曼(Brendan Schulman)在电子邮件中说道。“DJI十分反对无人机安全性倡议,但是鉴于为民用无人机制订规则的进程早已持续了十年,今天宣告的累计日期觉得过分艰难,令人吃惊。

”It is not clear, for example, whether drones registered with the government will have to be physically labeled with the equivalent of a vehicle license plate — using a sticker, perhaps — or whether drones will be configured to electronically broadcast a unique registration number. A sticker could be useful if law enforcement officials are able to take possession of a drone after a crash. But it might not be as helpful if drone operators simply flew their devices away.比如,在政府注册的无人机否应该挂和机动车牌照类似于的实体牌照——可能会用于不干胶——又或者无人机否应该配有具备独一无二的登记号的电子广播。这些目前都不明晰。如果执法人员需要在事故后获得无人机实体,不干胶有可能简单。但如果无人机操作者让无人机逃掉了,那不干胶就不行了。

Anyone who fails to register a drone could face civil fines up to $27,500 and, if warranted, criminal penalties up to $250,000 or up to three years in jail, or both, according to a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. He said the rule would apply to drones already sold, not just new ones. Recreational fliers of drones do not have to be licensed, though there are stricter rules for commercial operators.联邦航空管理局的发言人说道,没给自己的无人机不作注册的机主可能会面对高达27500美元的民事罚款,如有适当,还不会受到最低25万美元的刑事罚款,或被捕三年,又或二者兼具。他说道,这项规定不仅限于于新的无人机,也限于于早已卖出的无人机。

娱乐宣传用的小型无人机不用注册,但对于商业运营者将有更为严苛的规定。The registration proposal is just one of many measures that federal regulators are taking to open the skies to drones operated by civilians. The Federal Aviation Administration, which is part of the Transportation Department, has also introduced public education initiatives, including a “Know Before You Fly” campaign aimed at spreading awareness about aviation rules among drone operators.这项规定草案是联邦监管者采行的众多措施之一,目的向平民享有的无人机对外开放领空。联邦航空管理局隶属于运输部,它早已发动了若干公众教育活动,比如向无人机操作者宣传有关航空规定的“飞前须知”活动。

A “No Drone Zone” campaign uses signs showing a slash through a drone to let operators know where the devices are prohibited — near airports, for instance.“无人机禁飞区”活动用于了在无人机图案上所画一道斜线的标识,让操作者明白,哪些地方是禁令无人机飞行中的——比如说机场附近。“This isn’t riding your A.T.V. on your own property,” Mr. Foxx said. “This is going into space where other users are occupying that space. It’s a matter of responsibility that we take seriously.”“这和在自己家的地皮上开越野沙滩车不一样,”福克斯说道,“你转入的空间里还有其他用户。这是我们要认真对待的责任。